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Supporting humanitarians heroes

When peaceful protests turned into violence, my family and many other Syrians rushed to help our communities. We turned our houses into aid depots. We sent bandages, blood bags and antibiotics into devastated areas during the still of the night. All the while, we were acutely aware that if we were caught we’d be killed on the spot, or worse - arrested and tortured for daring to attempt to save the lives of fellow citizens.

War brings out the worst of humanity. But it also shows people at their best. As war engulfed the country, Syrian doctors, nurses, aid workers and volunteers coalesced in an effort to organise and structure a humanitarian response. As a doctor practicing in the UK, I focused on medical aid and had the fortune of working with several Syrian-led organisations. This is how I met Hivin. She, like many Syrians, left the safety of her career to join the humanitarian response. The two of us met doing advocacy work around pressing for Syrian women’s rights and the need to pro…

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